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Harold & Saxon Chisels are all individually hand made, the handles are hand turned not CNC copied, as are the ferrules and hoops in solid brass.


ChiselsThe blades are cut, milled and ground from Billet Tool Steel, not forged or mass produced by computerised machines. These are individually machined and ground by hand to very fine tolerances.

When researching steels to find the most suitable, durable wear resistant tool steel, well renowned Australian Blade & Saw (Academy Saws) maker Paul Williams recommended we use D2 Tool Steel which if High Carbon, High Chrome, Molybdenum & Vanadium and with its unique chemical composition makes a very hard, tough and wear resistant blade, most wood working tool manufacturers are using A2 Tool Steel quite successfully, which has been around since WWII.

At Harold & Saxon we wanted to make the best blade possible, (As you know Australian timbers are some of the hardest in the World). D2 has triple tempering capability and dimensional stability it also responds to the cryogenic treatment better than any other tool steel which converts Martensite to Austenite enhancing the blades wear resistance and edge holding ability, as we all know a good blade is one that requires less sharpening and gives more cuts per sharpen.

D2 is more commonly associated with the metal working industry for such things as metal punches, stamps, dies, metal guillotine, blades, roll forming bars etc. So when used for woodworking, some would say it is ìover killî, but we wanted to bring you a superior chisel at an affordable price.

Currently we are taking orders for sets of six chisels either our GP Bevelled edge chisels or our Firmer/Mortice chisels. The standard timbers used are Cooktown Ironwood (Bevelled edge) and Australian Crows ash (Firmer) both are very tough and durable Aussie timbers. We will take custom orders for other timbers either customers own or supplied by us, provided they are suitable for tool handles.

Another option available is the additional cryogenic treatment for all chisel blades, however this is not standard and we believe not necessary but none the less is available on request for all orders.

In the future we are aiming to provide a full range of specialty chisels including Cranked neck pairing , heavy duty Mortice, palm/ butt and skews chisels etc all hand made here in AUSTRALIA. For any further information don’t hesitate to call us.

Kind regards Trent Powrie HAROLD & SAXON Chisel and Tool Co Aust

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